Friday, January 22, 2016

A Wonderful Hidden Treasure

Today I wanted to share with you something I treasure very much.
When we were moving Mom's stuff, we found  her beautiful Brides Book.  Somehow it had gotten  stuffed behind one of the drawers and had been there all those years.  I had never seen it before, so you can imagine what a wonderful surprise it was for me.

 This is one of the cards I found inside.

 as well as the invitations to her showers.  She got married in 1944.

 I can see everything she got for her showers.  Note:  She got .50 cents from "Aunt Vada" hehe I guess that was a lot back then?

 I can read all the "Advice for the Bride"
I love this book so much.

 I have always loved the 40's style.  Isn't this 40's bride pretty?

 Here is my mom.
People have always told me how much I look like her.  

 Mom and Dad on their wedding day.  Her dress was blue.  I remember playing "dress up" with it.
(I think I might have posted this pic before.  Sorry if I have)

 Here is my new "old" dresser.  I had wanted one for so long and found this one for a great price.  I can sit down and put on my make up, plus it has a full length mirror.

Finally, I found this little picture at the Dollar Tree.  

I'm joining the fun at Beverly's Pink Saturday.  Thanks, Beverly.
I'm also joining "Vintage Charm"