Monday, March 14, 2011

Spring Will Always Come

Hello, Bloggy friends. Today, I'm joining Sally for "Blue Monday" at Smiling Sally.

Spring has almost come, just as it does every year. My sister gave me this picture for Christmas. I love it. But when I opened it, I cried, because it has a special meaning for both of us.

Whenever we were having "down" days or hard times, Daddy would always tell us. "Patience. Wait......Spring will come again." Daddy's way of saying "This too shall pass"............and it always did and still does.
So now I have this beautiful picture to not only to enjoy, but to remind me that my sad days will soon pass.
Here's hoping you are having a happy day, but if you are not, remember "Spring will always Come. :)

P.S. I killed my camera because I let it get wet. :( Hoping my new one will arrive soon.


Ann said...

Oh how I love this saying.....And from your Dad no less. The picture is beautiful, but the memories are just wonderful. Have a good week.

Tammy@Beatrice Banks said...

Such a sweet post! The picture and the meaning are both beautiful.

Sandy aka Doris the Great said...

Poor dead camera! Yes, I console myself with that saying as well.

SmilingSally said...

Ah! Those camera don't like baths!

Love your blues!

Happy Blue Monday, Donna.

Lesley said...

My mother used to often the same thing.
Lovely picture.

Lynn said...

Beautiful picture and sentiment D! Sorry to hear about your camera, that's not a good thing:@(

LV said...

I agree with the saying completely. So very true if we just had the patience to wait. Sorry about your camera.

Debbie said...

You are so right! I noticed this year, in particular, that it came with a BANG, too. I was grousing around lamenting the winter, and the next thing I knew, it was spring.

Hope you get the new camera soon. I would hate mine to go on the fritz.

Picket said...

Hey that beautiful pic and saying and absolutely love that it reminds you of your precious dad...thanks so much for coming by.. I hope you have a fantastic week sweetie...Picket