Thursday, October 28, 2010

What IS this????????

Hello, Bloggy friends. Recently our city had a ghost cemetery tour. One of our "famous" graves is that of the gypsy queen and her family.
Here, you see the actors portraying the characters. But what are those round things? So many and different sizes and colors? These were not visible when the pic was taken. SPOOKY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

BOOtiful Tablescape

Halloween Howdy, Bloggy Friends. It's time for Tablescape Thursday over at Susan's Between Naps on the Porch. Thanks, Susan, for hosting this fun party.

I've set my Halloween table in the dining room. Come on in, I have a special place for you.

I started with these placemats which I got at Dillard's last year. (After they went on sale)

I layered my white Gollum dinner plate with my black polka dot salad plate.

I got these black bowls today at the Dollar Tree to finish the setting.
Here's your place setting. I've given you a black rose, because I want you to feel special. :)

These cute napkins rings were also from Dillard's last year. They were ridiculously priced until they went on sale.

I had to have them. I think they are hand painted.

My centerpiece is simply a cheap, plastic witch's pot. I spray painted some dead twigs from my yard with Halloween Black hairspray.

Then I stuck some foam Halloween shapes I found also today at the Dollar Tree, and I had a centerpiece that was practically free.

Here's the menu. Doesn't it sound yummy? :) (Dollar Tree)

I had these plates from last year. Can't remember where I got them.

Oooooohhhhhh! Twilight, candlelight time.....................................

Thursday, October 21, 2010


Hello, Bloggy Friends. Are you a fraidy cat? I have always been one, especially growing up. My brother and sister knew this, and they loved to scare me.

My sister used to turn off the lights when I was in my room and drag her foot like the mummy.

Yes, my sister. The same one who cut my bangs up to "here" hehehehehe

My brother had a model of a skull. When he first showed it to me, it scared me so bad, I knocked it out of his hand and made his jaw come off. hehehehe


How'd you like to find THIS in your bed hiding under the covers???????


Yeah. This is what I felt like. hehehehehe

Fast forward to the present. I was over at Mom's looking for something in the closet of my old bedroom, and I opened the door to find this...................

It's a Halloween decoration of my brother's, and he keeps it in that closet. I knew it was in there, but I had forgotten about it. (The "thing's" name is Elizabeth, by the way)

My brother likes to build model railroads. Here's a picture of the haunted house in his village.

It's "Old Lady Crenshaw's" place. If you look close, you can see her ghost up on the roof.

Meet "Henry". Henry has been with us for many Halloweens. He's like an old friend. :)

Oh, and one more spooky thing.................Last night, I was in my bed, and I heard my computer turn on all by itself. I had it in "sleep" mode, but nothing fell on the keyboard to make it turn on.


Anyway, I turned it all the way off, and it didn't turn back on. (Thank Goodness)


Thanks for joining me in this Halloween post, Bloggy friends. I'm glad you stopped by.


I will be joining Anna at "Frosted Petunias" for her "Tea Party under the Halloween Moon"
BE THERE IF YOU DARE................

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Black and Red in the Sunroom

Time to join Susan at Between Naps on the Porch for that fun party "Tablescape Thursday"

Today, I set the table in the sun room. I'm glad to say, I finally have some curtains on the way for it.

My table is set for a cozy breakfast for two.

I am using stuff I already had on hand, and some of you have seen before for my centerpiece.

This faux ivy vine with the little red bird came from Cracker Barrel this Spring. I waited til it went on sale to get it.

Place setting using red, white and black.

I got these glasses recently at Dollar Tree because I liked the smoky grey/black color. But........

................are they grey/black or PURPLE???????
Spooky!!!! hehehehehe

Here, I changed it up a little bit, adding candles and removing the ivy. Always fun to try different looks. I hope you enjoyed your visit to the sun porch today.
Now got to Susan's for more great stuff to see.
Next week "Halloween" (I'm running a bit behind)

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Hooray for Rednesday

Hello, Bloggy Friends. I'm "It's joining Sue's A Very Cherry World" for REDNESDAY. Visit her for other fabulous reds.

I've been adding some red things for my doll house lately. Here are my red, gingham curtains I got for the kitchen. Hmm! I gotta replace that crooked wallpaper soon.

Close up of the laundry basket.

My new "old" stove", red coffee pot and red handled pail.

A hodgepodge of kitchen things. Thank goodness for Ebay. :) I'm going to paint the knobs and flowers on the spice rack red.

I love this little crocheted bedspread. I bought this from Etsy on Kim's (Daisy Cottage) recommendation. She has a yellow one. Thanks, Kim.

A sneak peek at my red and black tablescape for this week.
Thanks for joining me for REDNESDAY, and for visiting me today.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Office Before and After

Hello Bloggy Friends. Today, I'm joining Susan at Between Naps on the Porch for Met Monday.
Please hop on over there for more fabulous "Before and Afters"

Here's how the office looked when I bought the house in Feb. 2009.

Here's how it looked after I painted the walls and moved my stuff in. And before I got my new, Wireless computer.

Here's my desk top now with NO WIRES and no speakers. Wireless keyboard and mouse, too.
Love it!

I added a few Fall touches for the season. :)

My printer used to be on the floor along with all those other ugly wires.

Now the printer fits nicely behind the cabinet drawers, and I only have one cord to deal with.

I still have more to do in here. I want to add a rug and also add some more things on the wall.
Pssst........................see that picture behind the desk..........................

Look closer. When I saw this picture, I fell in love and knew I wanted my office to look like that....

I bought the oak desk from my friend, Lisa. She also had given me the lamp, and I added the lace curtain.

I found this similar bird cage at my favorite flea market, but so far have not found a stand for it.
Also, I LOVE the book case in the picture, but they are WAY out of my price range, so I'm going to have to come up with something else. :)

Hey! I caught two little munchkins on the puter! heheheheheh

Thanks for stopping in, friends. I love it when you do.
I'm also joining Marty at "A Stroll Thru Life" for her fun Tabletop Tuesday party.