Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Halloween Table on the Porch

Sunroom Halloween 2011 001
Hey! Let's set the Halloween table in the sunroom today.

Sunroom Halloween 2011 004
Our little table in there is the perfect setting.

Sunroom Halloween 2011 007

sunroom halloween II 001
I wanted to go "cutsie" this year instead of scary. (I was inspired by the cute black kitty) Sunroom Halloween 2011 010
A touch of whimsy from last year's black roses.

Sunroom Halloween 2011 011
Witch Hat napkin rings and placemats (Dillard's) are from last year, too.

Sunroom Halloween 2011 013
Candy corn bowls from Dollar General. Napkins from last year, too.

Sunroom Halloween 2011 014

Sunroom Halloween 2011 032

Time for the candles.

Sunroom Halloween 2011 039

Sunroom Halloween 2011 031


Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Newport, RI

Rhode Island 2011 036

We stayed at the "Yankee Peddler Inn",an old house circa 1800's.

Rhode Island 2011 004

I had Room #9 all to myself,which I loved only it was supposed to be haunted. No encounters for me, thank goodness.

Rhode Island 2011 051

.Would you have stayed in THIS room????

Rhode Island 2011 007

This was the cozy,downstairs breakfast area.

Rhode Island 2011 008

Loved it!

Rhode Island 2011 057

View from one of the marinas at Newport. It's such a beautiful place. No wonder the rich used it for their summer periods.

Rhode Island 2011 031

How'd you like to have this for your backyard view? (View from one of the huge mansions at Newport)

Rhode Island 2011 035

Rhode Island 2011 083

View of light house from ferry to Martha's Vineyard.

Rhode Island 2011 059

It's so pretty there.

Rhode Island 2011 018

I loved this yellow house.

Rhode Island 2011 019

Beautiful fall flowers.

Rhode Island 2011 086

Closeup of lighthouse.

Rhode Island 2011 087

Sunset on Martha's Vineyard

Rhode Island 2011 098

A very STRANGE/SCARY Fountain

I'm joining Susan at A Southern Daydreamer for "Outdoor Wednesday"

Monday, October 17, 2011

Outside Decoration for Fall

falln outside 2011 002

Hi,bloggy friends. Here's my front door!

falln outside 2011 004

I love this basket of mums from Walmart.Looks like metal,but it's plastic.

falln outside 2011 006

My fall wreath. A gift from best friend, Gloria.

falln outside 2011 003

I've had this sign for years, but I love it.

falln outside 2011 008

Oh! I see four little feet hiding behind it.

falln outside 2011 011

It's my two g'daughters having fun helping me decorate.

falln outside 2011 019

Jamie found a leaf that looks like BIG HALLOWEEN LIPS!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Pink Houses of Martha’s Vineyard

Rhode Island 2011 003

Hi! Here we are (I'm 2nd from right) starting out on our fun trip to Newport, RI

NOTE: I don't know why my pics are so far apart. My efforts to fix the problem have not worked.

Rhode Island 2011 066

Martha's Vineyard had adorable summer cottages! I wanted to show you some o f the PINK ones.

Rhode Island 2011 069

The flowers were still beautiful, too.

Rhode Island 2011 071

Love this pink courtyard

Rhode Island 2011 070

Rhode Island 2011 072

This house had a REALLY pink porch!

Rhode Island 2011 073

I loved the pink polka dotted flower pots.

Maybe a bit too much on this porch. :)

Rhode Island 2011 082

Wonderful gingerbread work.

Rhode Island 2011 020

This last house wasn't on Martha's Vineyard, but I loved it too. I don't like the shrub hiding it though Alas! All good things must come to an end. Sunset On Martha's Vineyard.

I'm linking to "Pink Saturday" over at Beverly's. More wonderful Pinks over there!