Saturday, May 30, 2015

Fun Day Shopping


Hello, I'm joining "Pink Saturday" today.  Thanks, Beverly.  I'm sharing "some" pink and some miscellaneous since I haven't posted in a while.

I loved this display I saw while shopping and wanted those white, picket fences, but they were not for sale.

I wanted this tray, too, but the price was ridiculous, so I had to leave it.

I loved this display!

This was the "Women's" bathroom sign, that I thought was unique.

Then we went to a nursery, and Jamie had fun with her "big feet" planters. :)

Very pretty and whimsical place.

They had made this "bumblebee" out of a glass telephone thing. I thought this was a clever idea.

but look how much they wanted for it!

I took this little brown bird sign home with me.

Just a swan I saw in a yard. Pretty, but not sure I'd want it in MY yard.

and finally, isn't this "Red Hatter" so pretty in her ostrich plume hat?  She was in her 90's and still president of her club.