Monday, December 26, 2011

Happy Day After Christmas!

Looks like Mrs. Claus is glad to have Santa safely home once  again from his busiest day of the year.  

I hope you all "survived" and had a wonderful Christmas, and I hope you are having a peaceful,restful day today.


LV said...

What an adorable Santa shot. I survived, but glad it is over.

xinex said...

Great shot, D! I am sure you had a great Christmas. I hope you have a Happy New Year too! Thanks for stopping by and comment about my grandbaby...Christine

Love Of Quilts said...

We did have a good Christmas.Happy New Year. Trish

Debbie said...

So cute!

We had a "different" Christmas around here, but I'm ready to face a new year!

Happy New Year to your sunny porch.