Thursday, November 10, 2011

I'm Hooked

Yes! I'm hooked on Red Hots. Really hooked. Wanna see my stash?

Here it is. I keep them in my vintage looking Flour cannister.

I'm also hooked on Crossword Puzzles!

Every night, you'll find me sitting in my favorite chair,

eating a big handful of Red Hots and working my crosswords.

Sadly, I'm admitting this is taking away from my Blog time. :(

Miss Dollhouse is still waiting patiently for new wallpaper, etc. in the kitchen.

P.S. For a while, I was hooked on M&M's instead of Red Hots, and I was wondering,

is it better to eat 60 calories of Red Hots with no fat than it is to eat 60 calories of M&M's which do have fat.

I am also hooked on McDonald's coffee, but I don't have to have that every day. :)



Sandy said...

I am not normally an enabler, but Wal-Mary has a GREAT big neat tin Of Red Hots in their seasonal candy aisle for Christmas!!!!!! Enjoy! :) Sandy

camp and cottage living said...

Red hots are too hot for me, but I love hot tamales! I go in spurts with crossword puzzles. Sometimes I work on them as often as possible
other times I don't pick them up for weeks!

xinex said...

I don't think I have ever had red hots, D.I love the canister you have them in and the mini doll and room...Christine

Shelia said...

LOL! Now I see your Red Hots there and your granite is just like mine in the kitchen! I haven't had any Red Hots in a long time. I do remember melting them into Apple Cider and what a great drink it makes! Now I'm a cross word puzzle freak too! :) Every night before I go to bed. Thanks for popping in to see me.
be a sweetie,
Shelia :)

Tammy@Beatrice Banks said...

How funny! I do not eat red hots. They are too hot for me. An occasional one here and there. M$M's seem to hit my sweet tooth from time to time. I have a canister of them sitting on my counter. I'm probably worse off than you b/c I'm still eating candy bars from Halloween!

Life with L said...

You go girl! Wow, you like spicy things. They were always too hot for me. I say, enjoy yourself and working on crossword puzzles keeps your mind active.

Mecky said...

Hi D Thank you for stopping by my blog and for your nice comments. (I did get the pattern taken care of)
Your blog is cute. Your Fall picture above looks like a place I would love to visit.

Red Hots or M&M's? That is a hard choice. How about a handfull in one hand and a handfull in another hand and ignore the calories and fat! (bad advice, I know)
Word Search books get me in trouble. I can't put them down.

have a great weekend.

nannykim said...

Now red hots would probably break out my rosacea so M and M's are my choice! I love both plain and peanut and I love them with starbucks coffee which I keep on hand in my home! I hate to say it but, I do not like McDonald's coffee at ALL!!! Perhaps the MC's around here don't brew it right but it is horrible. We drink ours black and we ended throwing it out. We tried it again since so many said they like it but it was horrible at the second place. Perhaps it depends on how one likes their coffee???? We like ours strong and black.

LV said...

You have a variety of taste for sweets. I like candy, but red hots was never my favorite.

Marlis said...

love red hots.. put them in apple pie.. makes the pie oooh soo good! xo marlis.. thanks for dropping by!

Debbie said...

My mother-in-law puts red hots in her homemade applesauce. Can you say YUM??

Sandy aka Doris the Great said...

Red hots are better than M&M's -- well at least when it comes to being better for your health. But chocolate is better for your mood, right? Or maybe you should just eat both of them.

And don't sweat your addictions. It could be so much worse. Enjoy!

Stacey said...

Hi D. :) It was so sweet of you to come by and check on me. I'm a working girl with very little spare time these days. Mostly I lurk around and see what everyone is up to without leaving messages. Isn't that terrible?

Your hooked list is fun. I'm still hooked on Halloween candy and can never get enough coffee!

Bunny Jean said...

I love the new picture on your header. You backyard looks so inviting. Those can't be real pumpkins sitting there...?

I can't eat Red Hots because of the cinnamon flavoring, same as with Big Red and Dentyne gum. But I love real cinnamon in backed goods!

Thanks for the comments on my last two posts :)

xoxo Bunny jean