Friday, October 14, 2011

Pink Houses of Martha’s Vineyard

Rhode Island 2011 003

Hi! Here we are (I'm 2nd from right) starting out on our fun trip to Newport, RI

NOTE: I don't know why my pics are so far apart. My efforts to fix the problem have not worked.

Rhode Island 2011 066

Martha's Vineyard had adorable summer cottages! I wanted to show you some o f the PINK ones.

Rhode Island 2011 069

The flowers were still beautiful, too.

Rhode Island 2011 071

Love this pink courtyard

Rhode Island 2011 070

Rhode Island 2011 072

This house had a REALLY pink porch!

Rhode Island 2011 073

I loved the pink polka dotted flower pots.

Maybe a bit too much on this porch. :)

Rhode Island 2011 082

Wonderful gingerbread work.

Rhode Island 2011 020

This last house wasn't on Martha's Vineyard, but I loved it too. I don't like the shrub hiding it though Alas! All good things must come to an end. Sunset On Martha's Vineyard.

I'm linking to "Pink Saturday" over at Beverly's. More wonderful Pinks over there!


Susie Jefferson said...

How wonderful it would be to live here, surrounded by such lovely houses! We can only dream... thanks for sharing.

Hugs & Happy Pink Saturday from the UK!


Cute houses or cottages you display. I've heared the name Martha's Vineyard being linked to US presidents being on summer vacation, but never ever seen such interesting pictures.

Ms. Burrito said...

So pretty!

Would you please visit my PINK too? Thanks a lot!

Cindy said...

Wow ~ that's very interesting! Thanks for the tour. I've never been there, but I love the sea! I've never seen so many pink houses in one place! Love the polka dot pots, too!
Happy Pink Saturday!

LV said...

Thank you for this most enjoyable tour of Martha's Vineyard. I have never been there so it was nice seeing it through your lens.

Peggy57 said...

Thanks for sharing these beautiful homes. I really love the gingerbread work on the very pink one. Visiting from Pink Saturday.

sabrymagic said...

Ciao mi segno come followers:)
Sono deliziose le vostre case!!
Buon weekend

Love Of Quilts said...

Nice homes. I like the last picture so pretty. Trish