Thursday, December 31, 2009

Christmas Bargains!

Hi, Bloggy friends. I wanted to show you a few of the great bargains I got after Christmas.

Look at that cozy looking bed. Doesn't it look warm and inviting with those red flannel sheets?
I saw the sheets at Sears before Christmas at $70 for Queen, but I'm glad I waited til after Christmas because they were on sale for $19.99! What a reduction!

I don't usually like flannel sheets because they are too hot, but these were too cute to pass up.

See that cute snowman pillow? It went from $20 to $5!

Too cute! I'm going to go back and get the other that match if they are still there.

They are in my guest bedroom, but I think I might just have to try them out.
I'm sure I have "sweet" cozy dreams :)

Our Hallmark store is closing. :`( , but I did get this cute ornament at 40% off. Don't you just love the red bird and the cute, clay pots in the snow?

These snowman napkins were half price at Dillard's. I snatched them up quick.

Hmm! I'm already envisioning a future tablescape. :)

Lastly, I saw these napkin rings also at Dillards for half off. I think they can be either "fally" or Christmas.

Here's me modeling my adorable, red apron my best friend gave me for Christmas. She also gave me the cute candy cane picture.


Linda said...

Oh those sheets are toooo cute! You got some great deals! The napkins are adorable....I love Hallmark ornaments...that one is really nice...I may have to check my Hallmark store to see if they have one. Happy New Year!

Southern Lady said...

Wow, Donna ... your shopping trip really paid off. I love all your bargains, especially the little red bird ornament.

Best wishes to you for a new year filled with everything that makes you happy.

Rosie@Journey to Charm said...

The ornament is adorable. I've never seen anything similar to it. How cute your apron is. Great deals. Way to go! Rosie

xinex said...

I love that ornament and what a deal on the bed sheets. You did real good, D! Happy New Year!...Christine

Beansieleigh said...

Good Saturday Morning, and a very Happy New Year to you!.. D, I know I have been here before, but I am sorry to have not visited lately. The big-bad move is over and done, but I'm still adjusting to the new smaller place. Christmas decorations have definitely helped, and I don't know WHEN I'll feel ready to take them down. Looking back through several of your most recent posts, I must compliment you for all your beautiful decorations and tablescapes! In fact, I even think I could adjust to living in just a one-room apartment, if only it had the beautiful fireplace I see in YOUR home! It looks like Heaven to me!.. Looking forward to visiting again, and I am now officially a follower!.. Wishing you all the best for 2010! ~tina

kbbryant said...

and a Happy New Year to you. Good bargains and very cute too. I love your decorating style and could easily live in your home it looks so comfortable.

Kathy b

Theresa @ 612Riverside said...

Happy New Year D.! Wow you really got some great deals, I didn't really get a chance to get out for the after Christmas sales. You look adorable in the wonderful apron from your friend how nice to have a friend who knows just what you would like! Thanks for stopping by, I'll be back soon! ~ Theresa

Eileen said...

I love all your finds! And YOU look adorable in your adorable apron!

Happy New Year!
All the best,

Kathleen said...

The sheets are adorable!
And I think the napkin rings could be both!
Happy 2010!

Brenda @Just a Bed of Roses said...

I love all you bright and cheerful holiday certainly do love the primary colors, very nice.

Susan (Between Naps on the Porch) said...

What great finds, D! I LOVE those red flannel sheets...adorable! What a sweet friend you have...cute, cute apron!

dee dee said...

What excellent finds! I love the sheets with the nice soft quilt! Dee Dee

Jacqueline said...

Seems like Santa really never left you neighborhood. I stayed back with lots of left over girly goodies. I LOVE the flannel sheets. I'm slept in them since I was a little girl. I used to head up to Canada to buy the best but now the good ol' USA makes some pretty good ones.
Fun to see you on action!

Kerrie said...

Great buys and I love your new Apron! Kerrie