Tuesday, August 18, 2009

My "Outdoors" Needs Help

Today is Outdoor Wednesday over at A Southern Daydreamer. Thanks Susan. This is my first time to participate.

Here's why. This is a view of my backyard.

This is looking straight back from my patio. As you can see, the lady who lived here before me loved bushes! Believe it or not, there is a fence back there.

This is looking to the right at my lovely pile of bricks. The grass has at least filled in some since this picture was taken.

I love my backyard because it is private. But it needs a lot of work, and I do not know anything about trees, flowers or lawns. Should I cut these trees down and start fresh. They are just hedge bushes that have gotten way too big.

This is a view of my newly added sunporch. I can see flower boxes on these windows. And a winding brick path. I want flowers like Tootsie. :) I want a garden with fairies like Cielo. :) I want flowers that will inspire Fifi. :) etc., etc.
Until then, I'll just keep working, and hopefully, these will soon be "before" pictures on a future "Met Monday" post.


Maggie B said...

Welcome to Outdoor Wednesday, this is only my second one so we are both "newbies". It looks like you have a big job on your hands with that "garden" maybe if you gave the hedge a good trim you would get a better idea of where to go next. When we cut back the overgrown bushes here I discovered a neglected blue hibiscus tree which has flowered beautifully for the past 11 years. You never know what you might find. Have a great day.

Stacey said...

D, you have a blank slate to work with there! I don't know what kind of grass you have, we have bermuda and fescue. If possible, start thinking about where you want flower beds. It's easier to start laying them out now while your grass isn't completely established...than to dig out the grass later. Does that make sense. This is what's true for us because bermuda is a pain to get rid of...depending on your grass it may not be true for you.

Start a little at a time. It has taken us 9 years to get our yard to be the haven that it is. We still work on it all the time but love it so much!

LV said...

Glad you joined the Outdoor Wednesday group today. You have your work cut out for you. Yard work is hard work. In time it can be rewarding. Good luck.

Lynn said...

What a fresh canvas to start your dreaming. Then make your dreams come true. It'll be wonderful to see the progress you make as you visualize and see it come to fruition.

Eileen said...

I love your big yard! And I kind of like all that overgrown green, I think it looks so pretty and natural. I really don't like the look of manicured landscaping, I'd take your yard over some of the 'crew cut' type hedges I see in my neighborhood!

How fun to start a project! Little by little you'll see a transformation! Have fun with it!
And I love your addition and I like very much your idea for flower boxes and a winding brick path!
All the best,

Mary said...

What a wonderful yard. I'd call a landscaper to professionally trim the hedges rather than cut them down. That's a huge space to replant. I hope you are having a wonderful day.

Anonymous said...

You might check other bloggers with large backyards to see how they accomplished their bed edgings around the fencing and set up their flower beds. I envy you the size of your backyard and it will be a haven when you are finshed, however it does take time, not to mention expense. Good luck and please publish it on your blog when you are done. Can't wait to see it.