Sunday, May 10, 2009

New At This

Hello all you Blogsters! This is a test. I have been reading and following many of your blogs, and I wanted to join in. I feel like I know lots of you already! I hope you will let me join in the blogging and bare with me while I learn how to work this thang! :) I hope to post pictures soon, too. Thanks!



Shari @ My Cottage of Bliss said...

Welcome to Blogland! Thank you for stopping by my blog and becoming a "follower"! I am so honored and appreciative. :) As you probably saw, I'm a "newbie" too...having started just a couple days before you. Now that I have found your blog, I look forward to popping in as often as I can to see what you are up to over here. Again...welcome and I hope you enjoy the journey of blogging.

Gloria said...

Hey, I was finally able, with Apryl's help, to see your blog. I like your table the new way you have added to it. I know the girl, Diane, that is in the pictures in New York. Small world.